Is seems incredible that this is already my third week at MDI.

During my placement here, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different things and maybe this is the reason why the time flies so fast.

Everyday I have something to do and I’m really happy to help MDI in their project.

During last week I went to some meetings with Rachel and I had the opportunity to hear more specific language, and to observe how they work together with other organisations, how they organise their projects. And that was really interesting for me also to improve my skills.

But isn’t finished here! Everyday MDI give me the chance to try and to enjoy their different classes courses and projects…and obviously I took part in as many as possible!

So during the week I take part in Dance For Parkinson, 50 Moves, I watched for some minutes the Tap course, I went to dance with people with dementia led by The Alzheimer’s Society, Riddim and Roots and also I went with Maxine to run some activities with elder people.

In this period I understand that MDI isn’t limited only to make normal class dance course…

50 Moves for me represents the possibility for the people over 50 aged to continue with their dance passion and stay fit. 20160608_113039

But it isn’t only this… it is a moment to try to stay active and to stay connected with their friends.






Tea Dance time, this is the name that I gave to the project that I took part with Maxine and Donna last week. It’s like a social dance instead a particular course, in this project Maxine goes at tea time to the people that live with dementia and she encourages them to dance and play some games. 20160613_145205And with Donna, helps people to stay active to do some movements and in particular to enjoy themselves.



It is like a little private party, and I think it is fantastic because they don’t do this think usually and so this is another reason why they are really happy to stay with Maxine and Donna… How do I know that? It isn’t difficult you have only to watch their eyes and their smile when they dance, they shine, and I think that these people don’t lie about their sentiments.

It is amazing seeing the power of dance and music, because at the end we put a song from Abba and a man, who during all the time didn’t dance too much, took his daughter and started to dance a slow dance with her.20160613_152342

It was really a lovely moment.

In particular in this period that I spent here at MDI I understand that their job isn’t limited only to do a dance project and course, and workshop… their work it is more important, is more social than a person can imagine.



They conduct an import role in the life of some people. They create some moments of party and entertainment that make some days less heavy and more healthy for the participants. Like the day when I went with Maxine and we ran some activities with elder people. I think it was really good for me but at the same time amazing for them to have some fun.

African dance

I went also with Maxine to Riddim and Roots and it was an amazing African dance course! I really enjoyed it, I fell in love with the music, with the rhythm and the movements. Also our teacher was fantastic, she is from South Africa and is here to teach her African dance.

I couldn’t imagine that exactly here I would find something like that.

Every day I’m more and more pleased at MDI for all possibilities that they give me, because I realise that all people that I have met up to now and the experience that I have had make me different, more sensitive and less selfish.

Thank you MDI !

Eleonora 😉



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