Last Day

Time to leave

Hi everybody,

This is my last day of work at MDI; tomorrow I’m coming back to Italy.

At the beginning of this experience 5 weeks seemed too long, but I really enjoyed this time, so I can say that they are really flown.

I am really happy to back in Italy but I am also sad because, as I have just said, I really liked this experience.

During these 4 weeks of work I have done a lot of things: I used different programs (Excel, Word, Google analytics…) I created databases, I wrote posts on MDI blog, Facebook and Twitter, I helped to organise dance classes, I advertise dance courses, I took part in meetings and many others.

This experience has mainly helped me to grow, I am sure of that. I am very grateful to all the people that I have meet, first of all my colleagues: Karen, Adam, Jennie and Paul; they were all very polite and friendly with me. They have always tried to make me feel comfortable, explaining me very well my tasks and repeating if did not understand something.

At the end I can say that I was very lucky to have the opportunity to work here: MDI is a beautiful place and there is an excellent team that works very well together.

I think that one day I will back in Liverpool and I will be very happy to remember this experience.

Thank you MDI!!!



Third week

My third week here has just finished and this is my last week at MDI and in Liverpool.


During this week I did a lot of activities at work. I created databases; I sent other flyers to other companies to advertise the autumn course of Dance for Parkinson’s. On Wednesday I took part in a workshop to explore the potential for Liverpool universities and BAME arts organisation to develop a collaboration, I found it very interesting and helpful for MDI. On Friday I have done the register and the payment collection at the professional class in the morning; I also started to answer to some questions about why MDI should win the Merseyside Independent Business Award.

I really liked the activities I did, so the week is gone very quickly.


Second week

My second week did not start well; I was home because I was sick for two days.

On Wednesday morning I took part at the staff meeting. I didn’t understand almost anything, they speak very fast and for me they are very difficult to listen and to understand. But I have noticed that I’ve been increase my listening abilities since I’m here and I’m glad of that.


During this week I created some papers for the summer and autumn courses and I worked a lot on databases.


On Friday I posted some flyers in order to advertise the autumn course of Dance for Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. The main symptoms are involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body, slow movement and stiff and inflexible muscles. Using dance for Parkinson’s improves the condition.

Next week I will volunteer in a lesson; I’m so excited.


This week is gone very quickly; I can’t believe I’ve been here for two weeks.


First Week

Hello everybody,

My first week has really flown. During my first days here I have met also Adam, Paul and Jennie. They and Karen are very polite and nice with me, I am very happy to work here. During this week I have done two jobs: I created a database and I analysed the visit at the website and the followers of MDI social media.


On Tuesday I took part in a meeting for the end of Sgt Pepper at 50 festival, but I understood very little, they talk too fast for me; I am sure that this will improve a lot my listening abilities.


On Wednesday I visited the Bluecoat, the Liverpool centre for the contemporary arts. Honestly, I didn’t like it. In fact, I can’t understand the meaning of these arts; I think that it is essential to have high artistic skills for visit something like that. And I haven’t it.


At the end I can say that I spent a good week here at the MDI.

Hello Liverpool

Hello everybody,

My name is Francesco, I’m 18, and I’m from Venice.

I study marketing and business and in September I will start my last high school year, after it, I will probably go to university.

During my free time I play basketball, I listen to music and I read; I like particularly adventure and thriller books.

I’m here in Liverpool because I’m doing the Erasmus+ project, I will do an internship for four weeks.

My scopes are put into practice what I’m studying at school, improve my English and learn something more about the English culture.

This is my first day at MDI and I’m very excited about this experience.



End of work experience review

Throughout the week I have had the opportunity to work with many different artists and variations of people as well as experiencing the non-physical side to the industry in dance, giving me the in depth insight which I hoped to gain into how dance organisations function on a daily basis.


My first day of work experience involved working in the office and improving communication skills within the job, I felt as though my confidence and ability to handle successful interaction with other organisations was tested and allowed me to build and realise my social strengths and weaknesses. My task was to contact local companies to enquire about the cost of venue hire. The online research section of this task, for myself was the most comfortable aspect, however when communication was necessary I felt as though I lacked skills as to how to gain the valid information. However by the end of the day I felt as though I had overcome this particular challenge and my first part of my work experience had contributed to the improvement of some skills, which could possibly benefit me in a job role in the future.


On Tuesday I was participating in the more physical aspect within my work and set myself to work on how different community groups use dance as well as teaching and exploring ways of communicating dance to other people.

In the morning I visited New Brighton Primary school and worked with children around age 7-8 years old. They were working on a piece for a dance festival and exploring different ways to put ideas into dance movement when given a certain theme which was primarily based on a ‘seaside’ like festival theme. I also led the warm up for this session and participated in the dance session. Later on in the day I then assisted the dance stars session at MDI with a group of children aged 5-8 years old. I was then given the opportunity to teach a commercial dance to them, allowing me to strengthen my skills in acknowledging a younger age group, which I took as a challenge as I had never taught such a young range of people, however the outcome was extremely positive and I enjoyed the dance session.




On my third day, I once again took part in several physical activities working with a wide variation of people. The first class in which I participated in was ’50 moves’ at MDI, meaning I was able to dance with an older generation and understand how they interpret and choose to put dance into their daily lives, as well as this giving me an opportunity to have fun and meet new people. Later on in the day I then visited Springwell Primary school where two dance sessions where going to take place to a younger group of children. I led both warm-ups for the sessions, once again giving me a better range of leadership skills when working around children and in a dance environment. I then assisted the session when the choreography was taught and helped individual groups of children develop and expand the dance and their ideas. A challenge which I faced was learning how t keep the children engaged, although by the end of both sessions I felt as though I had a better understanding of how to communicate with children through dance.





As the week progressed I continued to work on the skills in which I had set myself to improve and I felt as though these were growing alongside my experiences. The first section of the day involved me participating in a tap class, which was a genre of dance out of my comfort zone, as I had not practiced this for many years. I found the session light-hearted and fun as it allowed me to regain and work on my technique and feel comfortable when dancing. It also gave me the chance to see how different people interpret and have a passion for this particular style of dance. In the afternoon I then returned to working in the office and was given several tasks involving relevant work to the organisation. This once again deepened my understanding of the commitment and work ethic needed for the non-physical aspect of a role in the dance industry.



On the final day of my work experience I was given the opportunity to participate in a professional contemporary class, which was my favourite dance session of the week. Several dance artists and teachers, challenging me to perform to a higher standard and radically improve on my contemporary technique, took the class. I felt as though the class extremely benefited me as the choreography and phrases of movement was difficult and the movement memory aspect of the session allowed me to once again improve my skill. The class also gave me an insight to the way in which different performers move and interpret movement, giving me comfort to perform in my own style and way of movement. I completed my week of work experience my doing some final work in the office and reiterating of what this week has taught me and how I can use this in the future.

Overall, I loved my week of work experience at MDI and would like to thank everyone for the opportunities given to me and for making me feel comfortable for the whole of my experience.





Becky work experience

Hi, I’m here for a week doing my work experience at MDI, hoping to gain an understanding of work life within different job roles related to dance.

I am 16 years old and I am currently mid way through my A levels in Dance and English Literature and hope to go on to pursue a career in dance.

I feel as though MDI will enlighten me to the differentiation in the involvements of community dance and give me additional knowledge as to how dance is interpreted within different community groups.

In the conclusion of this week I would like to leave with an optimistic view based upon the life of a person working within the industry wether it involves the practical, physical or verbal and social side of the job role, alongside and deepened knowledge of how to handle daily life working individually or in cooperation with other staff and members of alternative dance organisations across the city.



Time to leave

Hi Everybody,

This is my last day here at MDI and tomorrow I’m coming back to Italy.


I remember that at the beginning I thought that 5 weeks were a lot of time but these days have really flown.

I’m happy because I am meeting my family and my friends again but I’m also sad because I love staying here in Liverpool and working for MDI.


I think that this experience has been fantastic and especially useful, sure enough I surely improved my English (in particular my listening, writing and speaking skills, now I’m able to understand most of what people say to me), but I also improved myself: I became more independent and more adaptable, I met new people (for example at work) and I was able to integrate with them.


As for my experience at MDI I’m really happy and satisfied because it’s a beautiful place and there is beautiful team. All of my colleagues have been always available and polite with me, they had to repeat me what I had to do plenty of times especially at the beginning (and I apologise for this) but they have never been unkind.

Moreover they always tried to give me different and interesting activities to do so I have been really lucky.


During this experience I learnt a lot of new things about the world of work and I did lots of things: I used different programs (Excel, Word, File Maker, WordPress…), I inserted data into some database, I write in the blog of MDI about this experience, I made some researches on the Net, I sent e-mails and enquiries, I took part in staff meeting, I made some phone calls (even if it was a bit difficult) and I also took part in different dance classes, for example “Dance Stars” (I helped with the children), 50 Moves and in dance lessons provided for people who have Parkinson’s so I could also speak with them and it was really nice.


I worked with different people: with my tutor Karen, with Adam, Paul and Jennie and now I feel as part of the team. I had also the possibility to observe how they work and I saw that they have different features, for example Karen has very good communication skills, she is pleasant and friendly, Adam is precise, polite, accurate and he has very good concentration skills, Paul is creative and energetic and Jennie is kind, friendly and sweet.


Finally I really want to thank them for all, because they gave me the possibility to work with them and because they helped me to enjoy this experience.

I hope that one day I will have the possibility to return here in Liverpool and here at MDI.

At the end I think that this experience helped me to grow.



Thank you for all MDI!!

50 Moves – Sadler’s Wells Elixir Festival

50 Moves is a sequence of classes, hosted by MDI, which take place very Wednesday morning. In these lessons take part women who have realised they have more they want to share through, movement and performance.



This year 50 Moves are participating in Elixir Festival in Sadler’s Wells which is the most important dance venue in London.

The festival lasts from Friday to Sunday and it is divided in 4 parts: the KnowBody II (23th -24th June) which is the main professional programme; the Elixir Conference (26th June) where international speakers whose work connects to dance can share and provide ideas about the themes of this year’s festival (the value of older dancers, change the perception of age trough participation and performance opportunities for older adults…), the Elixir Extract (24th – 25th June) and 7 Dialogues.

50 Moves are taking part in Elixir Extract made up of the acting of 20 groups and they are performing on Sunday 25th at 3.30 pm.

It’s the second time they have taken part in it because they participated at this festival also in 2014. This year 50 Moves are doing the piece “See Me” which is comment on the work that goes on behind the scenes in our ever changing world, and the women that make it happen. These sometimes mundane, sometimes magnificent acts that are vital in our society often go unnoticed or unrecognised.


image2.JPG  image7.JPG

The choreography:

  • Jennifer Hale
  • 50 Moves

And the music:

  • Prelude and Kiara (Bonobo)
  • Fashion (David Bowie).



Third week

Hi Everybody,

My third week here at MDI has just finished and I’m starting my last week in Liverpool.

During this week I did a lot of activities here at work: I wrote in the blog (in MDI website) to describe my second week and the project Good Morning Good Morning, I went to an other school to take part in a dance class for people with Dementia, I created a new database for monitoring of class participants 2017/2018, I inserted data into this database, I sent some e-mails, I made some web researches and I took part in a dance class for people who have Parkinson’s.

I’ m happy because the weather has been sunny and very hot for some days and last weekend I could do a lot of things, for example I visited The Cavern and it was very interesting, then I went to Africa Oyé which is the biggest celebration of African and Caribbean music and culture in the UK.

Yesterday instead I went shopping to buy some gifts and in the afternoon I went to Crosby beach so I had fun but I also relaxed.

I’m a bit sad because I like this city and I wouldn’t like to come back to Italy but I’m also glad because I will meet my family and my friends again.