Hi everybody,

My name is Patrick and I’m 22 years old. I’m an apprentice for event management from Germany. I live in a small town called Bremerhaven near Bremen. This year I’m going to start my last year of the apprenticeship and after it I’ll become an event manager. In my free time I’m going out with my friends, socialising with new people, dancing, cooking and fishing.


I’m in Liverpool due to a school program for a work experience in another country, which could be quite useful for my job. I also want to improve my English and earn new skills. I also want to get to know how different the culture between England and Germany is.


I arrived last Saturday and I was already confused about the traffic and the Nightlife, which is 7 days per week. I visited a lot of things like the football match between Liverpool and Bournemouth and I also visited the Cavern Club, which I enjoyed very much. Last Monday I started my lessons at the Liverpool School of Language, were I met many people from different countries.

Now I’m spending a lot of time with these people and having fun together.


Today is my first day for a work experience in the office of the Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI). I’m going to work here for 2 weeks. I hope that I’ll improve my English and get a view of how it is to work in England.


Today is my last day here in MDI and on Sunday I’m gonna return in Italy. I’m so sad! Here in Liverpool I met wonderful people and I visited amazing places!

During this last week I did lots of new things:

  • I looked for funders for a new MDI project and I completed a fund application form;
  • I took part in the COol Network meeting, so I had the possibility to see how different cultural associations works together;
  • I took lots of photos during the Youth Summer School and I enjoyed seeing how the boys and the girls worked together with Paul to create a choreography.


Before going I have to thank all MDI staff.

They are wonderful people: they made me feel part of the team since the first moment, they were always available to help me if I needed and they followed me with lots of patience!


Thanks for all!!!




Another week passed and now I’m going to start my last week here in MDI and in Liverpool.

Also this week I done a lot of things:

  • I publicized the Breathe Project and the Summer School on Facebook and on Twitter. I like do this, because so I can be part of the team trying to involve new people in MDI’s projects;
  • Next year MDI is going to take part in the 25th Leap Festival. For this occasion they want to show with photos and old documents all the history of they participation in this festival, so I spent a morning looking for photos and brochure of the old festival. I really like it, because in this way I could discover new things about MDI’s past.
  • On Tuesday I took part in and I helped during the last lesson of Dance Stars (with 5-8 years old children) and on Wednesday I took part in the last lesson of 50 Moves (with over 50 years old ladies). During this lesson I could see how MDI managed to involve people of all ages in its projects.
  • I copied on computer old documents about Afro-Caribbean Dance. Doing this I discovered a lot of new things about the history of this culture and this kind of dance in Merseyside.



On Friday afternoon I went with Karen to see the performance Dyspite, starring by Edward Muir and Sally Simpson.

This performance is based on Edward’s history: Edward is born with a debilitating condition called congenital hip dysplasia. Due to this in the first years of his life he couldn’t use his legs. After some operations he began to walk and in the end he became a professional acrobat.

The theatrical piece was divided in four distinct snapshots (Overboard, Goldfish Bowl, Spaghetti Legs and Circus) telling all the phases of Edward’s history, from when he was a child with disability to when he became a professional circus artist.

I really liked this performance! Obviously I didn’t understand all, but it taught me that, even if you have some problems, when you are surrounded by people who love you and who make the possible to make you feel well, you have not to give up and you have to work hard to follow your dreams, even if it seems far and difficult to do, because the more the way is hard, the more the final result is beautiful.




Two weeks have already gone! The time flies here at MDI and I have always something to do!

Now I feel part of the team: here everybody is nice and always ready to help me if I need.

This week I did lots of things:

  • I went leafleting throughout the city to publicize the Breathe Project in GP’s surgeries. In this way I can keep me fit and discover new places;
  • I took part in a meeting with cultural associations about how to involve young people in the cultural life of Liverpool. Taking part in these meetings I can listen and learn more English;
  • I help to prepare the buffet for a meeting involving cultural associations and teachers.

Every day I learn new thing and I like the way in which MDI engages itself in order to involve all the people in its projects!



Today it’s the last day of my first week in MDI. It has been an amazing week!

On Monday morning I was a little bit scared: this is my first work experience abroad and I didn’t know what to expect. But MDI’s members have done everything possible to make me feel at ease!

During this week I did a lot of interesting things: I helped to advertise Breathe Project on Facebook and on Twitter and I went leafleting throughout the city. I also took part in two different dance classes: 50 Moves and Dance For Parkinsons. I really enjoyed them!

The atmosphere here is very relaxed and I feel very well. Because of this it isn’t a problem for me to wake up early and come here every morning.

I hope my work experience here will continue in the same way!



Hi Liverpool!!

Hello everybody!

my name is Noemi, I’m from Italy and I live in a small village near Venice. I study International Affairs in the high school and in September I’m going to start my last year. In my free time I love reading, listening to music and watching TV. I also really like dancing, in fact this winter I attended a ballroom dancing course with some friends.

I’m here in Liverpool because I won a scholarship with the project called Erasmus+. I arrived last Monday and during this week I attended the Liverpool School of English (where I knew lots of new people coming from different countries) in the morning and I visited the city in the afternoon.

Now I’m going to start my work experience in the Merseyside Dance Initiative. I’m going to work here for four weeks and during this time I hope to improve my English and my skills in new contests, to know new people and to discover new things about the city and the English.


My Week At MDI…

Hi everybody,

My name is Sophie; I’m 15 years old and this past week I have been on work experience at Merseyside Dance Initiative. I enjoy dancing and coming to MDI has allowed me to meet new people and learn about other dance groups in my area.
The past week has been a completely new experience for me. As even coming on the train to Liverpool everyday is something I haven’t done before. Also because I didn’t know what to expect I started off very nervous but by the end I felt more comfortable in the office environment.


I have done lots of things during my time at MDI…

Firstly, I went to a group called African El20160608_113156ders, with Maxine, which involved playing games and creating movement. It was a great way of getting everyone to exercise and stay healthy. I really enjoyed going to this event because it gave me a better understanding of the different ways dance can be used to help others.

UntitledI also took part in 50 Moves, which is a group that allows people over the age of 50 to stay active by participating in a dance class, where they can meet with friends. Another group I took part in was Dance Stars. This class was for younger children to experience dance. Everyone took part and enjoyed it.

On Thursday I went to a Primary School where I helped teach reception and year 2 students a short carnival dance. It was a good opportunity to develop my communication skills and for everyone to learn a new style of dance.


During my time at MDI I also spent some time in the office copying out documents and organising leaflets etc. and even though it wasn’t as interesting as getting involved with the dance groups it allowed me to develop my computing skills and it gave me a good understanding of what its like to work in an office.

Overall this week has been a great opportunity and I have really enjoyed it. The staff were very welcoming and they always made sure I had something to do. I feel more confident working with others and I hope that I can come to visit and take part in more events with MDI in the future.

Thank You



Already the last day at MDI… honestly I wouldn’t like to leave Liverpool but I can’t stay here more because home is calling me.

During my time that I spent here I visited a lot of places for example Manchester and Crosby beach, a lot of museum and galleries, I visited also the two cathedrals and I took part also to Africa Oye’ an amazing festival.

I have to thank you MDI for a lots things:20160623_134904

– For all things that I learnt

– The fantastic people I met her

– All possibilities for me to participate at projects and to meet new people

– For the opportunities to test myself in new situations and to improve my English

You make me more confident with myself and I understand that I can do more things than I can imagine.

Thank you for everything with all my heart, thank you for having a lot of patience with me and for involving me in all things that you were doing. It was an amazing experience!

I’ll miss everything about this place in particular all people who work here.

I hope I’ll return here to say hello

Thank you again!


I hope I’ll return here to say hello

All my best wishes

Eleonora 🙂



Is seems incredible that this is already my third week at MDI.

During my placement here, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of different things and maybe this is the reason why the time flies so fast.

Everyday I have something to do and I’m really happy to help MDI in their project.

During last week I went to some meetings with Rachel and I had the opportunity to hear more specific language, and to observe how they work together with other organisations, how they organise their projects. And that was really interesting for me also to improve my skills.

But isn’t finished here! Everyday MDI give me the chance to try and to enjoy their different classes courses and projects…and obviously I took part in as many as possible!

So during the week I take part in Dance For Parkinson, 50 Moves, I watched for some minutes the Tap course, I went to dance with people with dementia led by The Alzheimer’s Society, Riddim and Roots and also I went with Maxine to run some activities with elder people.

In this period I understand that MDI isn’t limited only to make normal class dance course…

50 Moves for me represents the possibility for the people over 50 aged to continue with their dance passion and stay fit. 20160608_113039

But it isn’t only this… it is a moment to try to stay active and to stay connected with their friends.






Tea Dance time, this is the name that I gave to the project that I took part with Maxine and Donna last week. It’s like a social dance instead a particular course, in this project Maxine goes at tea time to the people that live with dementia and she encourages them to dance and play some games. 20160613_145205And with Donna, helps people to stay active to do some movements and in particular to enjoy themselves.



It is like a little private party, and I think it is fantastic because they don’t do this think usually and so this is another reason why they are really happy to stay with Maxine and Donna… How do I know that? It isn’t difficult you have only to watch their eyes and their smile when they dance, they shine, and I think that these people don’t lie about their sentiments.

It is amazing seeing the power of dance and music, because at the end we put a song from Abba and a man, who during all the time didn’t dance too much, took his daughter and started to dance a slow dance with her.20160613_152342

It was really a lovely moment.

In particular in this period that I spent here at MDI I understand that their job isn’t limited only to do a dance project and course, and workshop… their work it is more important, is more social than a person can imagine.



They conduct an import role in the life of some people. They create some moments of party and entertainment that make some days less heavy and more healthy for the participants. Like the day when I went with Maxine and we ran some activities with elder people. I think it was really good for me but at the same time amazing for them to have some fun.

African dance

I went also with Maxine to Riddim and Roots and it was an amazing African dance course! I really enjoyed it, I fell in love with the music, with the rhythm and the movements. Also our teacher was fantastic, she is from South Africa and is here to teach her African dance.

I couldn’t imagine that exactly here I would find something like that.

Every day I’m more and more pleased at MDI for all possibilities that they give me, because I realise that all people that I have met up to now and the experience that I have had make me different, more sensitive and less selfish.

Thank you MDI !

Eleonora 😉


The time flies and my adventure at MDI continue

6th June 2016


Today is already Monday and means that a week is just passed!

In this week I had the possibility to see how all member of this organisation work together and I surfed on the net and in the website to learn more about it and I try to understand why their work is so important for them.

The atmosphere here at MDI is quiet and I feel always comfortable , because even if they are working if I need a help they are available to help me at anytime.

During last week I took part in a different projects such as the Dance for Parkinson’s, or like on Friday I took part at the Breathe Project.

20160603_115243This project is run by Maxine, it was really funny to take part at it, because I had the possibility to stay with children and I really enjoyed myself with them.




We played different games, we danced and in particular we did a lot of movements and at the end she teach them how to hear their heart and their breath. I think that exercise are really helpful for them in that way they can control themselves and it isn’t important only for when they are children … but it is useful for all their life.

However, here at MDI every day I have always something new to do. They give me constantly new opportunities to make new experience and to improve my skills, and I hope that my adventure continue in that way but personally I have no doubts that it will be more and more interesting staying here  🙂


New week starts and I’m look forward to seeing how many adventures wait for me!


Eleonora 😉